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Hello, My sister is moving from house to apartment and she is donating her furniture, table, kitchen, couch, Bed, chairs, and much more If you need it please contact her on facebook at: Regards!
I have lots of vases from weddings that are for sale. I used to do weddings for family and friends and no longer have need for any of it. Cylinder vases: 4 of the 11.5 inch tall; 29 of the 10.5 inch tall; 25 of the 8.75 inch; 33 of the 7.5 inch; 1 of the 7 inch; 3 of the 5.75 inch; 3 of the 4.75 inch; 1 of the 4 inch. Heart vases; 24 and 10 inches tall. Aquatic garden or Rose vases; 30 o...
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